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This has been a poem by Randomocity.

O2L and Magcon snapchats


Matt: notmattespinosa
Aaron: aaron_whattt
Cameron: camerondallas
Carter: itsmrcarterr
Connor Franta: mrfrantaa
Hayes: hayesgrier77 
Jack g: jackgilinsky
Jack j: jaaackjohnson2
Jc: chamclouder
Kian: swifferme
Nash: nashgrier
Ricky: Ricky.dillon
Sam p: sammpott
Sam w: sammywilk11 
Shawn: shawnxmendes8
Taylor: kingcaniff
Trevor: trevormoran
Mahogany: itslox

I’m not sure about Shawn’s and Taylor’s but… Here’s the snapchats….. anybody know Jacobs?


New Video: Slap Me In The Face

Reblog if you enjoy it! Thanks all :)

Connor Franta + Troye Sivan


Isn’t anyone going to talk about this??!??

Reblog if you support Connor no matter what happens

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Do what makes you happy, and don’t do what makes you unhappy. -Connor Franta

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walking out of a bathroom with no hand dryers like


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